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moves blazers

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luki blazer 1457
70,00 EUR

2 colours

saluvi blazer 1539
70,00 EUR

1 colour

skopje blazer 1315
sale 70%
70% off
80,00 EUR24,00 EUR

1 colour

tunisa blazer 1365
sale 50%
50% off
65,00 EUR32,50 EUR

1 colour

katerin blazer 1456
sale 50%
50% off
95,00 EUR47,50 EUR

1 colour

mathildu blazer 1482
sale 50%
50% off
90,00 EUR45,00 EUR

1 colour


moves shirts

shirts are a musthave in any girl’s wardrobe! the shirt is simple and cool and the styling possibilities are endless. a shirt can be worked into every possible outfit, no matter what your personal style is. a shirt can be used for more formal settings as part of a suit, with a blazer and a pair of preppy pants. you can also make it more casual with an oversize shirt with rolled up sleeves over a pair of jeans, or you can wear a printed shirt as part of a more festive outfit for a party or another happy occasion. the shirt can also be that extra detail when you use it underneath a jumper or a sweatshirt and let the collar or bottom peep out.

shirts can be super feminine and girly with floral prints, lace collars or shiny buttons. they can also be minimalistic with a high collar, regular fit and in crisp white cotton material. during the summer you can also use your shirt to cover your shoulders from the sun, and paired with a pair of denim shorts, you have a killer outfit. the past seasons, there has been a rise in the popularity of the overshirt. the overshirt can be an alternative to the cardigan or blazer if you are looking for a more edgy look.